Large character printing

Introducing the C1000+

A product developed for large character printing to meet logistical and branding requirements

For large character – up to 17.5mm print height – high-resolution print on cardboard cases, trays, and bags, the C1000+ is a worthy choice. A fast, high-resolution printer that has proved popular in global markets, it also has a large ink system and a wide variety of high-resolution print options. Modular and versatile, it uses piezo drop on demand technology, so it’s both accurate and efficient. Increased flexibility and ease of integration are achieved with the remote head option, which also allows up to four printheads to be run from one centralised ink supply. Overall, its simplicity in design provides you with a large character printing solution that’s versatile, reliable, and cost-effective.

Introducing the C3000+

The high-speed, large character print solution designed to automated case

Delivering large character printing of up to 35mm, the C3000+ is one the fastest high-resolution printers available. Modular and versatile, it’s equipped with a piezo drop on demand ink system that prints high-visibility codes onto a wide range of porous substrates, such as cardboard boxes, trays, and bags. It can be easily integrated into your existing production line, while the remote head option gives you the ability to run up to four print heads from one centralised ink supply. Plus, as it’s only 33W with no factory air required, this large character print system boosts production and packaging productivity.

Introducing the C6000+

High-resolution, large character coding for secondary packaging

The C6000+ is one of the fastest 70mm high-resolution printers on the market, but there’s a great deal more to it than that. It’s also versatile and efficient. It uses Domino’s drop on demand piezo system to deliver accurate, high-visibility coding onto a wide variety of porous substrates, especially suited to secondary packaging such as cardboard boxes and trays. Printed messages or codes vary from alphanumeric text and graphics through to GS1 readable barcodes, all produced using the latest generation of piezo printhead technology.

Reliable in operation, the C6000+ continues printing even throughout the consumable change process – which is good for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Code consistency is achieved using the product guide plate and flexible floating printhead. And our range of mineral oil-free ink delivers high-contrast codes to help overall sustainability goals.

Domino’s QuickDesign software, and the option of a ControlPanel user interface, simplifies message design while providing lineside printer control. Operator errors are minimised by integrating with ERP and MES systems. The C6000+ integrates into your existing production line, whilst the remote head option gives you the ability to run up to four printheads from one centralised ink supply. It’s also cost-effective, with only 44W and no factory air required.