Introducing the Editor™ GT

Total control and security for your production line with the added value of variable data and personalisation

The Editor™ GT is a modular ink jet Windows-based controller, with data preparation and variable capability combined with integrated machine control over your production line. Versatile and flexible, our variable data controller provides total control of a wide range of Domino ink jet printers to match your individual requirements. Offering real solutions for the commercial printing industry, it’s predominantly used within the stitching, binding, wrapping, folding, newspaper and mailing industries. The Editor™ GT has a vast library of 1D and 2D code symbologies and has the ability to print variable data in real time without any pre-processing of data.

The Editor™ GT has been developed for simple database management, powerful barcode and 2D code sequences along with the management of comprehensive addressing and personalising applications. The simple print confirmation is a standard feature, ensuring traceability of every correctly sequenced code. For ultimate security, a vision system can be employed to read and verify what has been printed, is as planned. Data files can be printed using the mark-done feature and all data recorded for reconciliation once production is completed.

The Editor™ GT is easy to use, with an intuitive operating system, controlling up to eight configurable print heads, with seamless integration for controlling your production, print matching real time variable and personalised data and maximising your productivity.

Introducing the Editor™ RIP

High speed, easy processing of variable data for real-time printing

The Editor™ RIP converts multipage PDFs and IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) for real-time printing with Domino’s range of K630i and K600i inkjet printers. This is a modular solution that consists of a master PC and multiple slaves which provide the necessary inline processing capacity. Housed in an expendable industrial rack-based, temperature-controlled enclosure, it can be used for a diverse range of applications: from direct mail to transactional mail, book printing, leaflets and security applications requiring the highest levels of data security. Also, as on-the-fly printing of data eliminates pre-processings of any files, your business will immediately benefit from maximised productivity.

Introducing the Editor® Starlight

Total control and security for your production line with the added value of variable data and personalisation

The Editor® Starlight platform uses an intuitive Windows Embedded Standard graphical user interface that your operators will find so easy to use. Editor® Starlight supports the in-line ink jet printing of 2D codes, barcodes, numbering, addressing and personalisation. Supporting the Domino K600i and Bitjet ink jet printers, it combines ease of operation with modular machine control capability.

The Editor® Starlight Controller has been specifically designed to be user friendly and intuitive. The layout editor enables job layouts to be easily designed using images, text, barcodes and other variable fields. The true WYSIWYG layout ensures what is on the screen is a true representation of the final image.

Being fully Unicode compliant, Editor® Starlight accepts all common industry standard data files including Text Files, BMP, CSV, DBF and JPG. A single page PDF can be used as a background template image for inserting variable fields for variable data printing (VDP).

Configuring addresses, removing empty lines, adding a barcode or data matrix code from the vast library of industry standard codes, is easy just through selecting and dropping into the layout.